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Wind Farms Wind Farms

Wind energy provides a clean, sustainable solution to our energy problems. It can be used as an alternative to....[Read More]

P.h.e.s. PHES

Energy is stored in the form of water, pumped from a lower elevation reservoir to a higher elevation. At times of low electrical demand....[Read More]

Biomass / CHP Wind Farms

Biomass is the fuel that Organic power will be transforming to electric power in thermal power plants. The sources of biomass include....[Read More]

Investment Wind Farms

The overall focus of Organic Power is to develop a balanced portfolio of both intermittent and constant large scale renewable energy ...[Read More]

Latest News from Organic Power

5 billion wind farm project

12th July 2013

Maurice McCarthy gave a presentation to the council for the planned project to be located at Glinsk in north Mayo. See article in the Mayo Advertiser:5 billion wind farm project could create thousands of jobs.

Irish Times Article

2nd July 2013

New Irish Times article on the Organic Power initiative in Mayo:Cork firm in talks with Mayo landowners about € 5bn plan for 400 wind turbines.

Organic Power has released an updated brochure on the MAREX initiative

05th June 2013

Organic Power's MAREX project is progressing continuously. The progress is accounted for in a new and updated brochure.

MAREX projects on ENTSOE plan

08th May 2013

MAREX projects selected for inclusion as an official energy project on ENTSOE (european network of transmission system operators for electricity) Ten Year Network Development Plan.

MAREX and GIBREX due to be Projects of Common Interest

07th May 2013

MAREX and GIBREX projects are due to be officially on the Projects of Common Interest list for priority projects Electricity Infrastructure by the end of September 2013, which gives access to European Investment Bank Technical Review and Development Finance Assistance from EU.

Current status of MAREX project

25th March 2013

Organic Power's MAREX project is progressing. Please see asummary of the current status.

Connection offer made by UK national Grid

22rd February 2013

A connection offer was made by UK national Grid at Connah's Quay, Deeside, to Organic Power for 1500MW for the MAREX project. The energise date is December 2018.

Gamesa wind turbine manufacturer to assist in design of 1900MW wind farm

15th February 2013

The Gamesa wind turbine manufacturer will assist in the design of 1900MW wind farm for North Mayo as part of MAREX project using 4.5MW G10X turbines.

The new Organic Power Directors Board

29th November 2012

The Organic Power Directors BoardOrganic Power Directors Board is wishing everybody a happy new year. The photograph (standing from left to right: James Nolan, Maurice McCarthy, Leo O'Driscol and Cormac Craven; sitting: Monica Gonzalez) was taken at the AGM held in Skibbereen on the 18th of December 2012. New on the board is Monica Ganzalez. She is the Executive Director for Environmental Issues and the Company Secretary.

Current status of Organic Power's development

29th November 2012

The current status of Organic Power's development is featured in this week's local West Cork Southern Star newspaper.

Grid application to UK for MAREX validated

23rd November 2012

Organic Power has submitted an application for Grid connection for the MAREX project to UK National Grid. The application has been validated and a grid offer is expected in Febraury 2013.

MAREX project granted eligible status for consideration as a Project of Common Interest by EU Commission

23rd November 2012

The MAREX project has been classified as eligible for consideration for PCI status, and final status is expected in the New Year. PCI status, if achieved will make the project part of the energy plans for Europe as sanctioned by the EU Commission. For more information seeEuropean Comission: Energy infrastructure priorities for 2020 and beyond.

Organic Power asked to help inform EU policy

23rd November 2012

Organic Power has commenced collaboration with European partners in the energy sector and the European Coomission on the Gridtech IEE project. This project goal is to conduct a fully integrated assessment of new grid-impacting technologies and their implementation into the European electricity system, to deliver renewable energy targets for 2020.

Organic Power presents MAREX

14th June 2012

James J. Nolan of Organic Power presents MAREX project at Renewable Energy World Europe 2012 Conference Jun 14, 2012 in Cologne, GERMANY.

At the hub of it all

01st June 2012

A comprehensive article on the Organic Power Seawater PHES and the proposed MAREX scheme was puplished in the May issue of the International Water Power and Dam Construction Magazine.

Minister for Energy endorses large scale renewable energy export to UK

28th May 2012

Minister for Energy Pat Rabbitte endorses large scale renewable energy export to UK. Ireland could export the same amount of energy as it currently uses according to the energy minister.

Organic Power starts work with collaborative EU research

27th May 2012

Organic Power starts work with collaborative EU research project to design new EU wide transmission system to increase penetration of renewable electricity. On 21-22 May, in Vienna, the kick off meeting was attended by Maurice McCarthy and Leo O'Driscoll. Organic Power will be contributing the case design of MAREX as a blueprint for this 3 year project as a template for other projects.

Organic Power outlines MAREX proposal at regional energy conference

4th May 2012

Maurice McCarthy, director of Organic Power Ltd, presented at the BMW (Border, Midland and Western) Regional Assembly's Annual Conference on the 30th April 2012 in Castlebar, County Mayo an overview of a proposed hydro-electric, wind and wave generation facility on the County Mayo coast with the potential to export electricity to the UK.

IrishTV mini-documentary on MAREX project

1st March 2012

A mini-documentary on the MAREX project was broadcasted on March 1st on Irish TV.

North Mayo in running for €500m energy plan

25th January 2012

See "Western People"article for details.

Council backs idea of €500m renewable energy reservoir, "Irish Times"

23rd January 2012

Mayo County Council supports Organic Power project. See "Irish Times"article for details.

More renewable energy projects in Mayo, "Western People"

6th November 2011

In addition to the seawater-pumped hydroelectric energy scheme planned by Organic Power a 5 MW wave energy and a 300 MW wind farm project are under way. See "Western People" article for details.

Mayo County Council endorses grid link

24th October 2011

Mayo County Councilendorses strategic electricity grid link from Mayo to cater for export from significant wind, wave, and pumped storage projects.

EIRGRID offers to undertake a pre-feasibility study

20th October 2011

EIRGRID, The Irish Grid Operator,offer to undertake a pre-feasibility study for the Glinsk Energy Storage Hub and the MAREX Initiative for Organic Power.

Further support for Organic Power

18th October 2011

Organic Power has received support letters from Sea Power Ltd, theErris Chamber, theBallina Chamber and theAtlantic Coast Energy Co-operative Society Limited (ACE) for the proposed PHES project and the Energy Storage Hub at Glinsk in North Mayo.

E.L.C.R.A supports proposed PHES project at Glinsk

12th October 2011

The Erris Lobster Conservation & Re-Stocking Associationsupports the proposed PHES project at Glinsk in North Mayo.

Local Fishermen endorse Glinsk Energy Storage Hub

10th October 2011

The Erris Inshore Fishermen's Association some of whose members fish from Porturlin havesupported the proposal which includes the use of Porturlin Harbour as a marine works shore base.

The Western Development Commission favours development of the regional renewable energy sector

3rd October 2011

The Western Development Commission are wholly in favour of supporting the development of the regional renewable energy sector in a sustainable manner. Recognising this sectors potential in driving the regional economy for decades to come, theywelcome any suitable initiatives that further this vision.

Mayo County Enterprise Board welcome the development

30th September 2011

Mayo County Enterprise Boardwelcome the development of the necessary infrastructure to maximise the potential of the renewable energy resources of the county.

Aquavision, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland offer encouragement for the MAREX initiative and Glinsk Energy Hub

21st September 2011

James Ryan from Aquavision, which provides local representation for the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland on the development of the 'Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site (AMETS)' in Belmullet, isencouraging the MAREX initiative and Glinsk Energy Hub.

Locals endorse Glinsk Energy Storage Hub

20th September 2011

Local residents in Belderg, the closest village to the site of the proposed 960MW SWPHES scheme at Glinsk have endorsed the project in principle.The Local Belderg Development Company,the Resident's association andthe local GAA club have provided letters of encouragement for the development.

Glinks PHES to deliver 960MW through HVDC transmission cable

31st August 2011

Organic Power has redesigned the Glinsk PHES project to 960MW for 6 hours based on the provision of a HVDC transmission cable for export to the UK. Details of changed design are available in thenew brochure on this website.

MAREX initiative (Method for Atlantic Renewable Energy Export)

30th August 2011

Organic Power is pleased to announce this initiative by the company to provide an underground High Voltage Direct Current Cable transmission connection from North Mayo to the Irish terminus of the East West Interconnector which links the UK and Irish electricity grids. The initiative is being developed in cooperation with public and private organizations to deliver an export route for 500MW of wind generated power to the UK, and 500MW to the Greater Dublin Area by 2016, without the need to build overhead power lines which are not liked. This cable will also provide 1,000MW of dispatchable power for an uninterrupted 6 hours from the Energy Storage Hub proposed by Organic Power at Glinsk. The initiative is intended to speed up by 5 years the delivery of large volumes of clean power from Mayo, as EIRGRID's plans to connect the area will not be developed until 2020. MAREX will provide the infrastructure needed to allow the construction of at least 1500MW of wind turbine capacity in Mayo, the development of the Energy Storage Hub at Glinsk, and a potential connection point to connect large capacity of ocean energy devices, in a short time frame. MAREX correspondence   / MAREX brochure.

Marex Scenario

Organic Power from a different perspective

2nd July 2011

New training scheme in development for future Organic Power employees to enable them to deal with Irish Planning systemTall Ships News.

Newbridge Straw Biomass Plant refused planning permission

15th June 2011

The 18MW straw fuelled biomass power plant proposed by Organic Power in Newbridge has been refused planning permission by An Bord Pleanála on the grounds that it would be premature to grant permission until a feasibility study for a mothballed motorway project is completed. The Organic Power team is extremely disappointed in the decision, especially as the inspector's report prepared for the Planning Board on the proposal was overwhelmingly positive. A copy of the inspector's report is attached, along with a copy of the board's direction.

Refined Design of Glinks PHES

2nd June 2011

Organic Power is nearing completion of local consultation for the Glinsk PHES project, which has now been design-optimized to operate at 720MW import and 710MW export. Details of refined design are available in thenew brochure on this website.

Glinsk Energy Storage Hub proposal presented to Taoiseach Enda Kenny

1st June 2011

Maurice Mccarthy, Maniging Director Organic power met with the Taoiseach Organic power met with the Taoiseach(Prime Minister) of Ireland in Westport, County Mayo, where he presented Mr Kenny with a brochure regarding the proposal. Mr Kenny took a keen interest in the project and asked many well informed questions.

Newbridge Biomass Plant Site not included in industrially zoned lands

1st February 2011

The site, contrary to the original plans for zoning, has not been included in the latest maps for the industrially zoned area, where electricity generation has been specifically excluded as a permitted activity. However, the draft County Development Plan 2011-2017 contains an objective to allow for green energy projects on unzoned land.
RD 9: To support the development of renewable energy production including energy crops in rural areas where it is considered appropriate.
This change in policy should ensure that zoning of the site will not be an issue for the Planning Appeals Board when making a decision on whether the project can proceed. A decision is due at the beginning of March 2010.

JPower to act as consultants for Glinsk Project

10th January 2011

Organic Power is pleased to announce the agreement JPower to act as consultants for the design of the Glinsk SWPHES. JPower, who are a large Japanese Electric Utility, installed and operate the only functioning SWPHES in the world.

Eirgrid state that there will be a 400kV electricity line to Bellacorick, near Glinsk by 2020

20th December 2010

The Glinsk project received a significant boost today, with acommunication from EIRGRID that sufficient transmission capacity will be available by 2020 to supply power to, and export power from the proposed SWPHES project.

"Positive Energy!"

24th November 2010

A statement by Rodger Greene, School of Engineering, Waterford Institute of Technology:
On Thursday the 18th of November, Waterford Institute of Technology hosted an open forum discussion on the viability and future of sustainable energy in the Irish market. The presentations consisted of Dr. Paul O'Leary of WIT discussing the viability of the development of large scale wind power in Ireland. Following this Maurice McCarthy of emerging sustainable energy company "Organic Power Ltd" gave a detailed presentation on the varying projects the group are currently involved in. The balance of the technical viability of wind power provided by Dr. O'Leary coupled with Maurice's discussion on the practicalities of developing large scale energy infrastructure provided a fascinating insight into the market for all involved.
The presentations provided a much needed injection of positivity as to the possibility of developing an energy based economy which could provide a framework for economic recovery. Following the presentations a lively question and answer session ensued with the audience fascinated as to the work currently in progress by "Organic Power Ltd". Maurice McCarthy outlined an emerging economy with vast potential for growth. On a day when Ireland's economic situation slumped to a new low, the presence of a rapidly expanding, dynamic organisation such as "Organic Power Ltd" certainly provided a focal point of hope for many in attendance.

Site proposed for Kildare Biomass is included in land zoned industrial by Kildare County Council

24th November 2010

The site where the power plant is to be built has been zoned industrial. This removes the validity of the main reason for refusal by the County Council. Organic Power is now confident, that as a result of this decision, An Bord Pleanála will give the facility the go ahead. The following is an excerpt from theLeinster Leader published on November 24th 2010.

Organic Power director on RTE ONE - The Frontline

1st November 2010

Organic Power director James Nolan took part in a debate on renewable energies on RTE ONE - The Frontline. The folowing is an extract from the debate which was broadcasted on Monday, 1 November 2010: Frontline Clip

Organic Power commences work on 2 new PHES projects

12th October 2010

Organic Power is delighted to announce that we has commenced work on 2 new PHES projects both in County Kerry where over 1GW of wind capacity will be functioning by 2020. The projects are a 2-reservoir freshwater project with a storage capacity of 0.3GWhr/cycle, and a single reservoir seawater project with 0.9GWhr storage/cycle with a subordinate 40MW wind project. We expect to file for planning permits in mid 2011.


10th October 2010

Due to the increasing and very fluctuating power production from wind farms and solar fields Germany is planning to significantly increase its power storage capacity, and build strategic co-operation relationships with owners of pumped storage plants in the Alps (e.g. Austrian and Swiss energy producers) and Norway. As part of Germany's New Energy Concept the German government has recently released a 10-point immediate action programme. Point 5 of the programme reads as following: Exemption of new pumped storage plants from grid charges - The German government will amend the relevant provisions in the Energy Industry Act to exempt new storage power plants, and in particular pumped storage power plants and other power storages, from grid charges for a longer period of time. This creates important incentives for new storage capacities in Germany.

As a first step, Germany's biggest pump storage plant located at Schluchsee in the Black Forest, (1400 MW) has been granted planning permission, and construction works will start in 2013. Further, Germany is evaluating possible investment incentives for power production from biomass as balancing instrument for the power fluctuations in grid caused wind and solar energy.

Ireland must surely follow suit in light of the ambition to have 40% of electricity from intermittent renewable by 2020. With its excellent sites on the west coast for seawater pumped hydro plants, once sufficient grid networks exist, it could not only store surplus night time power from the growing capacity of Irish Wind farms, it could also become a major player in the growing and very profitable European energy storage market, if adequate interconnection is in place. The only significant barrier to the development in this sector remains lack of planned adequate grid infrastructure.

Organic Power signs cooperation agreement with Oilfox S.A

1st October 2010

Organic Power Ltd. has entered recently into a cooperation agreement with Oilfox S.A of Argentina to develop biodiesel from algae using emissions from biomass plants, thus eliminating all atmospheric emissions from these plants. This technology, when combined with one of our proposed biomass plants would result in the production of over 100,000 tonnes of biodiesel per year.

Kildare County Council refuses planning for biomass plant

21st September 2010

The Kildare County Council has refused the planning for the proposed 18MW (Mega Watt) electric nominally rated Straw-burning Biomass Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant in Lewistown, Newbridge, Co. Kildare.

Following reasons were given:

  • 1. Land not zoned industrial
  • 2. Lack of consideration of alternatives
  • 3. Visual impact of 36m chimney stack
  • 4. Negative impacts of residential property and the equine industry
  • 5. Traffic impacts on the M7 (15 extra trucks/day)
  • 6. Potential impact on preliminary (shelved) plan for new motorway

Organic Power Ltd. intends to appeal the decision.

Ballyvaughan and Fanore Community votes to deny Organic Power the endorsement to carry out baseline studies for Concept SWPHES at Gleninagh, Co. Clare.

7th July 2010

The following is aletter to the Ballyvaughan and Fanore Community from Organic Power Director Maurice McCarthy.

Ballyvaughan and Fanore Community to Vote on Project Concept of a Sea Water PHES at Gleninagh, Co. Clare on Tuesday 6th JULY 2010.

25th June 2010

The following is a link to thearticle released in the Clare Champion on June 25th 2010.


11th June 2010

The Kildare West Wicklow Irish Farmers Association (IFA) Chairman David Egar is in full support of the planning application submitted by Organic Power Limited for an 18MW Straw and Woodchip Fired Biomass Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant at Lewistown, Newbridge, Co. Kildare stating that "This application is very important for future viability of farming in mid Leinster region. The total loss of the beet industry, reduction of malt barley and substantial reduction of mushroom production has left an oversupply of straw in the area." The following is a link to theletter of support written by David Egar.


11th June 2010

Organic Power Limited have submitted a planning application for an 18MW Straw and Woodchip Fired Biomass Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant, on lands to south of Tougher Business Park, at Lewistown, Newbridge, Co. Kildare. See theKildare Biomass link for further information.


26th May 2010

Organic Power Limited are presenting the concept of designing a Salt Water Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage (PHES) on the North Clare Coast, at Gleninagh Mountain, approximately 5km WNW of Ballyvaughan town. The concept has been presented to the Ballyvaughan Community Development Committee seeking their support to carry out detailed and comprehensive environmental investigations. Project concept information is provided for review in the Power Generation tab of this website, under PHES, P.H.E.S. Projects, GLENINAGH


6th May 2010

Following article has been released in Clare Champion: Hydroelectric energy scheme proposal for the Burren.


3rd March 2010

Following article has been released in The Irish Times: Seawater energy proposal for Mayo.


23rd December 2009

On the 23 Dec 2009 Cork County Council have granted Organic Power Ltd a 10 year planning permission for the errection of 11 no. wind turbines, an electrical substation and all associated site works in the townlands of Dromleena, Inchanadreen, and Derrynasafagh in Dunmanway, Co. Cork.


7th December 2009

Organic Power Ltd are sad to announce the death of Niall Fitzsimons, Director of Organic Power Ltd on the 7 Dec 09. Niall will be missed as both a co-worker and friend and will be remembered for the great contribution he made to Organic Power Ltd. Our condolences go out to his family and friends at this sad time.


15th July 2009

Kerry County Council have granted Organic Power Ltd permission for the erection of 6 wind turbines and electrical substation and associated site works at Ahaneboy, Fahaduff and Knockakip townlands, Castleisland, Co. Kerry as outlined in the Organic Power Ltd planning submission.