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Wind Farms Wind Farms

Wind energy provides a clean, sustainable solution to our energy problems. It can be used as an alternative to....[Read More]

P.h.e.s. PHES

Energy is stored in the form of water, pumped from a lower elevation reservoir to a higher elevation. At times of low electrical demand....[Read More]

Biomass / CHP Wind Farms

Biomass is the fuel that Organic power will be transforming to electric power in thermal power plants. The sources of biomass include....[Read More]

Investment Wind Farms

The overall focus of Organic Power is to develop a balanced portfolio of both intermittent and constant large scale renewable energy ...[Read More]

Responsible Energy for a Sustainable Climate

Our vision is that through by deploying tailored technology solutions to harness specific renewable energy resources, on a profitable project by project basis, humanity can enjoy sustainable use of energy decoupled from effects on climate.

The Technology of Polygeneration

The polygeneration technology mix proposed by the company includes three separate technologies:

  • Wind Power
  • Pumped Hydro Electrical Storage
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) from agricultural Biomass by-products.

Following animation demonstrates a polygeneration model:Animation

The benefits are as follows:

  1. Efficient use of grid infrastructure.
  2. Effective replacement of fossil fuel and base load from the energy mix on the grid.
  3. Most efficient use of existing renewable energy sources.
  4. Independence from fuel imports for the provision of base load.

The polygeneration concept is being proposed in practice in the MAREX project

The Organic Power vision is embodied in the MAREX (Mayo Atlantic Renewable Energy eXport) plan for 2018 where 2000MW of wind potential in Northwest Mayo in Ireland represents the intermittent power supply, the 6GWhr, 1500MW rated capacity Glinsk Energy Storage Hub provides the back up for intermittency, and a dedicated 500kV, 1500MW underground/undersea cable link to the United Kingdom (UK) efficiently delivers the clean electricity product to the UK market without compromising the Irish Grid with levels of energy it is not designed for.

The system will deliver in the region of 6 terawatt hours (TWhr) of renewable electricity per year to the UK by 2018 equivalent to 1.3% of total UK electricity consumption and 8% of the UK’s renewable electricity target for 2018/19.