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Leo O’Driscoll

Leo O' Driscoll Leo O’Driscoll is the Company's Executive Director of Finances. He is ... [Read More]

Cormac Craven

Cormac_Craven Cormac Craven is the Executive Director for Investor Relations. ...[Read More]

James Nolan

James NolanJames Nolan is the Executive Director for Biomass projects. He is...[Read More]

Monica Gonzalez

Monica GonzalezMonica Gonzalez is the Executive Director for Environmental Issues and the Company Secretary. She has ...[Read More]


Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh Brian Walsh is a Civil Engineer with Gillen Engineering in County Cork surveying and setting out, preparing applications, percolation test reports to....[Read More]

Axel Fabritius

Axel Fabritius Axel Fabritius graduated in geophysics (MSc) in 1995. After graduation he started working in the field of applied geophysics for GTC Kappelmeyer GmbH...[Read More]

Maurice McCarthy

Maurice McCarthyMaurice McCarthy is the technical advisor of Organic Power. He has ...[Read More]

Sean Wyse

Sean Wyse Sean graduated as an electrical engineer from University College Dublin in 1970 and joined ESB that year. He worked in various management roles ...[Read More]

Dr. Robert Meehan

Dr. Robert MeehanRobert Meehan is consultant geologist to various organizations on applied geological projects, 2003-2007. Clients include the Geological Survey ...[Read More]


Organic Power Ltd. was incorporated in 2006 and is based in Skibbereen, Co. Cork, Ireland. It is financed entirely by shareholders, the majority of whom are from Cork.

Responsible energy for a sustainable climate is Organic Power’s motto. Our mission is to deliver emissions-free or neutral electrical generation capacity which can displace fossil fuel generation at meaningful scale on a commercial basis to assist in delivering global carbon abatement. The Company has been progressing the design and permitting of Wind, Biomass Combined Heat and Power, and Pumped Storage projects in Ireland since 2007.

Organic Power plans to commercially deliver clean, competitive, dispatchable electricity by undertaking large scale projects which include intermittent generation sources, energy storage and dedicated High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) grid infrastructure to access appropriate markets which may be in a different location to the energy resource.